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Smart electricity meter

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It is customary to use smart electricity meters in the energy meter system in two ways:
A) Separation of electricity units of a building
b) Power separation of chillers, water supply booster pumps, engine room, etc.

A) Separation of electricity units of a building

This mode is mostly used in projects where it is not possible to receive branch electricity from the relevant electricity department, for example, commercial buildings that have a large number of consumers or projects that use electricity generation systems such as CHP or CCHP. The cabling structure is much simpler and less expensive if a smart electricity meter is used, so that electricity can be delivered from the entrance of the building to the distribution boards installed on the floors through a central cable or bus duct. And by using the separation electricity meter at the entrance of the units, he implemented the operation of separation of electricity.

Among the merits of implementing this system, the following can be mentioned

b) Power separation of chillers, water supply booster pumps, engine room, etc.

One of the applications of the energy meter system is the separation of the common electricity consumption of the building between the units based on the exact amount of consumption, for example, the electricity consumption of the compression chiller or the electricity consumption of the engine room, since in most cases the electricity meter of the common areas (elevator, lighting, etc.) is connected with the facilities section (engine room). , chiller, etc.) is common, for this reason, the amount of the common share of the facilities should be separated at first, and then the share of the facilities should be divided among the consumers based on the consumption of each unit. For this reason, it is necessary to use intelligent electricity separation meters for different parts of facilities such as compression chillers, engine room or booster water supply pumps.

The way of dividing common electricity between units can be defined as follows:

Technical specifications of single phase meter

Rail single-phase meter without disconnect relay

Measurable items

Technical specifications of the three-phase meter

3×1.5(6)A 3×100V Class 1.0 or Class 2.0 Three Phase Three Wire




3×57.7/100V Three Phase Four Wire










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