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Danesh Banyan Be Saz Energy Company started its activity in 2005 in the field of design and production of intelligent heating and cooling and air conditioning control systems, including central heating engine room, absorption and compression chillers, ventilators, cleaning room, etc., and continue. In 2009, he started researching the design of various measuring meters.

Since 1387, this group has been among the companies approved by the Fuel Consumption Optimization Company in the field of intelligent engine house system production, and since 1393, it has been able to obtain knowledge-based approval from the Vice President of Science and Technology.

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Sixteen years of experience in the design and production of control and intelligent systems and precision instruments


Behsaz Energy

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One of our pride is attracting new customers by providing support services to old customers, and we are the first manufacturer of energy meter systems in Iran with more than 16 years of specialized experience.

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