Ultrasonic water meter

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Ultrasonic Water meter

Sanitary water meter (Ultrasonic water meter) with ultrasonic measurement technology produced based on OIML-R45 standard, with memory to save consumption for 12 months and save possible errors.


These meters are produced in two models, cold water and sanitary hot water, which are generally used to separate the water bill and gas bill of the building units according to the consumption of each unit:
a) Measuring the consumption of hot and cold sanitary water in different parts of the building in order to separate the water bills of the building units
b) Measuring the thermal energy consumption of sanitary hot water in different parts of the building to be used in the separation of the gas bill of the building units
c) Measurement of consumption flow for consumption monitoring in the industry sector

The main constituent parts

communication network

Measurable items

Sanitary cold water meter installation plan

Sanitary hot water meter installation plan

In building units where the sanitary hot water return pipe is installed inside the unit, one measuring meter should be installed on the inlet pipe to the unit and one on the outlet pipe of the unit to compare the amount of incoming and outgoing water and measure. Its difference obtained the amount of sanitary hot water consumed.
It is necessary to explain that, due to technical reasons, the measurement of this amount requires special knowledge and technology, which is exclusively at the disposal of Danesh Bayan Saaz Energy Company.

Choose size and model

Each meter has a minimum flow rate (Q min), nominal flow rate (Q nom) and maximum flow rate (Q max).
First, F.U (Fixture Unit) should be calculated and then through it the maximum consumption flow rate of the desired unit should be calculated and after referring to the technical table, it should be compared with the flow rate of different sizes.

Ultrasonic meters size 1/2 inch to 1/2 inch are produced from brass type with threaded connections, the conversion coil connections are a part of the meter and must be used during installation.

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