Smart urban water meter

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LoraWan Ultrasonic water meter

Sanitary water meter (Ultrasonic water meter) with ultrasonic measurement technology produced based on OIML-R45 standard, with memory to save consumption for 12 months and save possible errors.

Nowadays, due to the many problems that different countries are involved in the supply and distribution of sanitary drinking water, on the one hand, and the advancement of technology and the supply of ultrasonic water meters with very significant facilities, on the other hand, the ground has been prepared for the supply of this equipment.

These meters are produced and supplied in two models with and without solenoid valves

The advantages of the ultrasonic meter compared to the mechanical meter
The main constituent parts
City water ultrasonic meter (shut off with solenoid valve)
Measurable items
communication network

Dimensions of urban ultrasonic water meter

Meter dimensions without shut off solenoid valve

Technical specification table

Ultrasonic meters size 1/2 inch to 1/2 inch are produced from brass type with threaded connections, the conversion coil connections are a part of the meter and must be used during installation.

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