High size ultrasonic meter

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Large Meter (ultrasonic)

Ultrasonic water meters from size 2 to 12 inches are considered high-size meters.

The body of these meters is made of cast iron or stainless steel and its connections are flange type


These meters are designed and produced in the following models:

  1. Sanitary cold water for flow measurement and water consumption
  2. Sanitary hot water to measure flow rate and sanitary hot water consumption and sanitary hot water energy

which are generally used to calculate or separate the water bill of building units according to the amount of consumption of each unit or industrial and urban cases.


The main constituent parts

Measurable items

communication network

Table of technical specifications of the ultrasonic energy meter:

Each meter has a minimum flow rate (Q min), nominal flow rate (Q nom) and maximum flow rate (Q max).
The best option is to match the cycle flow rate with the nominal flow rate of the meters.

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