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Smart Engine Room controller

Engine houses that are controlled in a traditional way, boiler temperature control operation is done through thermostats installed on boilers and pumps. In fact, the temperature of the water is constant unless the operator changes its degree. This is while the building’s need for water temperature (the thermal load required by the building) at any moment depends on the internal and external factors of the building, such as the temperature of the outside environment and the conditions inside the building. This is the reason why residents feel hot or cold at times, especially during seasons such as autumn or spring when the environmental temperature changes are more severe. So, in order to be able to keep the temperature inside the building constant within a specific range, the temperature of the circulating water inside the building (boiler water) should be changed momentarily based on the mentioned parameters.

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amount of fuel economy

Intelligent engine room system


amount of fuel economy

The engine room intelligent system can control what equipment in the engine room?
The intelligent system has the ability to control the equipment located in the central heating engine room, such as burners related to the hot water boiler and radiator circulation pumps, fan coils, sanitary hot water sources and sanitary hot water return.
Is the smart system capable of being installed in the engine room of old buildings, or does it need to demolish the building or the engine room for installation?
Considering that the installation of the temperature sensors inside the engine room is done on the pipe and the sensor outside the building is also wireless, so there is no need to destroy it and considering this issue and the placement of the device in the electrical circuit of the engine room equipment, installing the system in the engine room Old ones are also possible.
Does the number of building units have an effect on the type of device?
The design of the system is done in such a way that it can be installed in all central heating engine houses, therefore the number of units in a building has no effect on the type of device and one device should be used for each engine house.
What types of buildings can be used in the intelligent engine house system?
In buildings that have a central engine house (central heating system).
How long does it take to install a smart garage system in a garage?
The installation time is about 4 to 5 hours, and the engine room will be out of service for about 1 hour.
What is the difference between using a smart engine room system and other existing methods of energy saving?
The effective period of optimization in 12 months of the year returns the initial investment in the shortest possible time compared to other optimization methods, a suitable period for installation and commissioning (applicability at any time) stabilization of comfort temperature, accurate control of health spa temperature, intelligent diagnosis of summer condition and winter: It helps when the outside air in the cold season is in a range that does not require heating, the system automatically turns off the heating circuit, which will result in significant savings. The initial cost is independent of the construction of the building: The number of units, the area of the building, etc. has no effect on the initial cost of the system
What factors increase or decrease the percentage of savings in different buildings?
The proper consumption pattern of health spa, the absence of sediment in the spa sources and pipes and radiators (fan coils), the number of blackout hours defined in non-residential buildings, the proper and accurate definition of the parameters of the device in accordance with the conditions of the building, the non-use of Other heating devices such as fireplaces, proper adjustment of the former mechanical thermostat (available on the boiler) according to the company's instructions and...
After installing the smart system in non-residential buildings, where the engine room is turned off during the night, is there a problem of pipes bursting?
The intelligent system has an anti-freeze program, and if the temperature outside the building drops too much, by setting the boiler temperature to 40 degrees Celsius and turning on the circulation pumps, it puts the engine room in standby mode and avoids this problem. prevents.
Does the type of burner fuel have an effect on the type of smart engine room system?
Is it possible to turn on all the equipment after turning off the power and restarting the engine room?
The system automatically enters the circuit after disconnecting and connecting the power, with specific time intervals from each other, so that the equipment is not turned on at once, which causes damage to the electrical equipment, and there is no need for the operator of the engine room to turn on the equipment again after disconnecting and connecting the power. Refer to the engine room.
What should be done if the engine room equipment breaks down and the repairman goes for service?
A button is installed on the device, after pressing it, the engine room system will return to the previous state so that the necessary repairs can be made on the equipment.

Technical specifications of the central device of the engine room intelligent system


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