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Ultrasonic heat meter

Heat meter / BTU meter with ultrasonic measurement technology produced based on OIML-R75 and EN1434 standards, with memory to store consumption for 12 months and store possible errors.


  • Measuring the energy consumption of cooling and heating units in a building that are equipped with fan coils, radiators, underfloor heating, etc.
  • Measuring the energy consumption of cooling and heating air conditioners, heater units, etc.
  • Measuring cooling and heating energy consumption of all types of converters, such as swimming pool and jacuzzi converters, etc.

By using the above measured values and sending the consumption data to the central server, it will be possible to separate the engine room, including the separation of the gas bill and the separation of the electricity bill of refrigeration chillers.


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The main constituent parts

Measurable items

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Pressure drop table

Choose size and model

Each meter has a minimum flow rate (Q min), nominal flow rate (Q nom) and maximum flow rate (Q max).
First, the rotational flow rate of the desired cycle should be calculated and after referring to the technical table, it should be compared with the flow rate of different sizes. The best option is to match the cycle flow rate with the rated flow rate of the meters.

Net weight (kg) Minimum height (mm) Minimum with (mm) Connection thread (inch) The length of take over (mm) Interface thread (inch) The length of no take over (mm) Maximum flow (m3/hr) Nominal flow (m3/hr) Minimum Flow (m3/hr) Nominal Size (mm)
0.5 150 100 R1/2 205 G3/4B 110 3 1.5 0.03 15 DN15
0.7 150 100 R3/4 235 G1B 130 5 2.5 0.05 20 DN20
1.5 160 110 R1 280 G1 1/4B 160 7 3.5 0.07 25 DN25
1.8 180 130 R1 1/4 305 G1 1/2 180 12 6 0.12 32 DN32
2.5 190 140 R1 1/2 328 G2B 200 20 10 0.2 40 DN40

Ultrasonic meters size 1/2 inch to 1/2 inch are produced from brass type with threaded connections, the conversion coil connections are a part of the meter and must be used during installation.

Energy meters must be installed at the entrance of the cycle unless it is not possible to install the meter at the entrance of the cycle.


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